As of Jan. 11, 2011 new pictures will be uploaded on facebook 
JUNE 13, 2017
May 31, 2017
June 1 st you can fish for halibut. 
June 10th and June 17 will be set aside for halibut days if quota remains.
April 18, 2017
Halibut reopens on May 21, 2017
Book a charter boat trip; leave it up to the Charter Boat to find the "Honey Hole!"
April 28, 2017
Halibut/Ling/Bass Derby Information:
May 4th, May 6th and May 11th, 2017 are the dates set for some bragging rights!
Cost for Halibut Derby: $40.00 per boat- 50/50 prize
Cost for Ling Cod Derby: $10.00 per entry - $500.00
Cost for Bass Derby: $10.00 per entry  - $300.00
(complete rules will be available at our Big Salmon Fishing Resort building)
Book a charter boat trip or rent our 15 foot Lund.

                                                                                                       April 27, 2017

From Today's day until June 23, 2017 we can book a "FABULOUS" bottomfish trip!
Call us today 360-645-2374 for the trip of a life-time.
Keep in mind that the charter boat is here ONLY a few months (filling up fast).
Also we have had a great start on landing LARGE LINGS!
The wait is over come on out we are here for you.
April 14, 2017
Here is what we have as for the 2017 salmon season:
Here in Neah Bay we are asking our anglers to STAY AWAY from the Coho (silvers).
Or we will be closed down early again.
"June 24, 2017 through earlier of September 4, 2017!
4,370 marked coho (silvers) subarea quota guideline of 7,900 Chinook (kings) open seven days a week. All salmon, except no chum beginning August 1; two fish per day. All coho (silvers) must be marked with a healed adipose fin "clipped". Beginning August 1, 2017 , Chinook non-retention east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line during Council managed ocean fishery. See gear restrictions and definitions. Inseason management may be used to sustain season length and keep harvest within the overall Chinook (kings) and Coho (silvers) recreational TACs for north of Cape Falcon."
February 14th
Well we are approaching the start of Lingcod season. Sunday April 16th is the opening day for everyone. Remember this is NO restrictions on the depth of water you fish. Duncan Rock is fair game and also you can run to the swift shore spot and or Blue dot to load up on the trophy Lings. Either way April is good to catch the lings right off Waadah Island or seal n sail rock. I hope to see you and get a chance to share some more info. This is Mike and I will try to be in the office Monday thru Friday 10am to 2pm. Any questions please feel free to call and chat. 866-787-1900
January 25, 2017
A Raffle is underway!
Go to the Puyallup "Washington State Sportsmen Show" for more information. 
Joey, Boo and Joe are there this week drop by our booth (Big Salmon Fishing Resort)  for more details.  
The chance to Win a boat moorage slip for May 3 through May 11, 2017 (halibut season).
Fish on!
 Jan 4th
Hello all anglers. Today the moorage filled up for the guaranteed spots. We will have more coming from the port by the halibut opener. We didn't get to book on E dock yet and we also will have A dock opening up and those are 70 foot slips. My guess is we will get 5 of those docks. We will get around 8 fingers on B dock also (that is my guess). I have the end of B also which is good for 100 feet. End of C is good for 188 feet.. I can normally squeeze all you in the best I can. This is Mike and I will try like heck to squeeze everyone in somewhere on the marina.
December 31, 2016
Happy New Years Eve!
Tomorrow, Sunday, January 1, 2017 we will start taking reservations for the 2017 fishing season!
Please call us at 360-645-2374 -10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Starting on Monday I will be in the office:
Monday through Friday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Until April 1, 2017 (when we open for regular daily business).
August 25, 2016
We will be open for business from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm through September 2016.
In previous years we could stay open longer hours,  through September. 
But beings salmon fishing closed , it has slowed down. 
Last Report for Mike for the 2016 season! The Salmon season ended like it started. Fish were biting and some guys caught and some didn't. On the 21st was blowing 10 to 20kts and was alittle rough for some anglers. Kind of sums up the was we were this season that's for sure. Winds and swells this entire 2016 season for us here at Neah Bay. We did see some nice fish though don't get me wrong. The bass were even on the bigger side. I weighed a 6.8lb bass, weighed in 124lb  Halibut a kayak fisherman caught and a 34lb King. The biggest I seen and weighed was a 47lb Lingcod! These are the coolest stories too, I like to get informed on where and how they all caught! I seen many kid's holding slabs and let me tell you there is no better thing then watching those troopers smile ear to ear. That is a memory for me. Thank you dads for getting them hooked at young age.
I would like to thank all you anglers for coming to Neah Bay and making memories with us! I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people and got many invites to places so I better jump on some of those and go shoot my elk or deer somewhere. Kleko kleko form Big Salmon Crew! See you 2017 Halibut season. Start calling for moorage in January for that season. This is Mike, OUT
Aug 15th
Makah Bay is catching some nice fish finally and so is spike rock. Maybe this is a start to finish the season with a bang! Come on out and catch before the season ends Aug 21st.
Aug 11th
Today is going to be a good day today. Good morning fellow readers of the Big Salmon fishing reports. I was back in the office yesterday and I tried to get a report out there for you but seemed like when I came in the office someone came in. Here is the latest on the fishing here. Bottom fishing is always good for people. Bottom fishing is all we are going to have starting Aug 21. We were thinking of having a Lingcod and sea bass derby for the Makah Day weekend or Labor day? Anyone interested? We were going to work with Tom on the Cabazon Charter and get this ball rolling. Please let us know if you would be interested? 866 787 1900
I wish I had a real good report for salmon but it is still the same report from July 5th, but let me tell you this Makah Bay fishermen caught some fish yesterday. If you know how to bait fish that is the spot to be right now. Please feel free and call for a report daily and I will try and update this as much as possible. Facebook is the spot for pics and make sure you like the page. I am going to try a report on Facebook also. A experience and motivation Report! Fish~On