As of Jan. 11, 2011 new pictures will be uploaded on facebook 
June 19, 2018
Halibut June 21 and June 23 2018
Salmon opens June 23, 2018
We had a good start to our season, let us keep it going.
June 23,2018 you can keep; halibut, salmon, 2 kings and 6 rockfish.
Give us a call for boat moorage 1-866-787-1900
March 2, 2018
Michael Lawrence will be in the office 10:00 am to 2:00 pm taking phone calls through March.
On April 1, 2018 we will open our doors for business.
We are looking forward to a great fishing season. 
See you all SOON!
February 8th, 2018
January 1st of each year... we start our year off with a BANG!
Why? You might be asking yourself.
Here is the answer, Big Salmon Fishing Resort starts taking phone calls for the WELL KNOWN halibut season.
This year it took only 4 days to fill up our slips  (although we will have 50 and 70 foot slips given to us for the halibut days. We don't know which ones or how many of those slips we will have to rent, until May 9 or 10 ). With that being said, means you still have a chance to have a boat moorage slip (as a "WALK-IN").
No waiting list, so please don't ask (that is why it's called a "WALK-IN").
Enough of that!
We are looking forward to a great year of fishing!
So many "BEST OF THE BEST" anglers are all ready calling 1-866-787-1900 and have made their planned fishing trip.
The weather has been hard on us out here in the Northwest (power outage, trees down, and broken roads). Although we are still here, and getting ready for you and your families.
My son Michael "Boo" Lawrence has taken over on a lot of the hard work (here at Big Salmon Fishing Resort). 
Joey and I (Dawn) will be in and out from time to time; but Michael "Boo" Lawrence will do well.
Joey Ward is still on Board.
And some remodeling will be done, adding some great food to the menu at "HighLiner Grill" I'm sure you will be very happy.
Oh and "IF" you don't land one (for some reason), you will be able to purchase take home fish! 
If you don't want your family or friends to be bored, tell them to go on a Tatoosh Island Sightseeing Tour.
NEW, NEW, and More NEW...
Fish - ON!
January 9th , 2018
Sea Bass is open: Year a round
Ling Cod season opens: April 16th
Halibut season: May 11 & 13
       May 25 & 27
Salmon Season: Usually Late June or Early July