Welcome to Big Salmon Fishing Resort, located in Neah Bay, Washington the furthest northwest tip of our state. We are dedicated to offering our guests; guided salmon and/or halibut fishing trips. We also offer some of the best bottom fishing trips in the state. You tell us how you want your fishing experience to go, and we will make it happen!


  Just give us a call 1-866-787-1900 for a Boat Moorage, Charter Boat, and Rental Boat reservations.



Neah Bay, WA gives you a chance to disconnect from your everyday routine and reconnect with your family and/or friends. Bring your own boat, purchase a charter boat trip, or even rent a boat from Big Salmon. Fishermen return year after year and dream of landing that trophy fish whether it be King Salmon, Halibut, or Huge Ling!

Neah Bay has some of the BEST FISHING IN THE WORLD! 



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Heading out to the Pacific Ocean you will pass by this well-known island "Tatoosh" 


  This place is "UNFORGETTABLE" you may enjoy the hikes and three wonderful beaches: Tsoo-Yess Beach, Shi Shi Beach & Hobuck Beach.

Don’t forget your camera!

New Sightseeing Excursion Around Tatoosh Island!


                                                                                             ABOUT THE OWNER

Joey Lawrence is an avid fisherman and ready to help you find the right gear needed to catch fish. He has lived in Neah Bay his entire life and has some knowledge about the waters out here in Neah Bay. In his tackle store you can purchase all the gear you will need out here: Pipe jigs, Spoons, Hoochies, Flashers, Downriggers, Fishing poles, Dip Nets, Rain Gear, Boots, Hooks, Jig Heads, and well you name it Big Salmon’s shelves will have it.

                           We hope to see you soon! If FISHING is your life, you will absolutely love it out here in Neah Bay, Washington.