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December 18, 2019
Book Now! Big Salmon Fishing Resort in Neah Bay, WA
Big Salmon Fishing Resort has been in Neah Bay, Washington, for over 80 years. We offer charter boat trips, launch ramp, tackle, ice, bait, freezer and cooler storage, deli, fishing licenses, general merchandise, rain gear, boots, marine fuel, gift shop, rental boat, boat moorage and so much more.
Neah Bay fishing is in a class of its own. Fishermen catch fish in the protected Straits of Juan de Fuca or anglers venture out into the Pacific Ocean to catch the targeted species of fish.
That is what sets Neah Bay apart from other fishing destination points. Depending upon the anglers' experience or size of boat, they have those two options and, believe me, both areas are great for catching seabass, lingcod, halibut and much sought-after salmon.
In regards to boat moorage, you will be assigned a slip on the Makah Marina. Only one mile from the marina, you can start fishing for rockfish, lingcod, halibut and salmon. Neah Bay holds a record for the largest halibut landed; a whopping 288-pounder was weighed in on our scales.
Clear skies and light winds are what you want to see in April. Starting on the 16th of April, Area 4 (Neah Bay) has produced some great lingcod located right in the bay. No need to go out to the ocean, unless you like Ducan Rock. You want to start your day at daybreak, plunk that jig head and plastic worm into the water, letting it sink to the bottom, and then start jigging away. Soon you will get a strike; be ready because that lingcod looks like a big eel coming out of the water. At Big Salmon Fishing Resort, we have seen some nice 40 to 50-pound lings; they can be big! Just look at our facebook page, as we post some great pictures every year (
Many anglers have seen gray whales, killer whales, porpoises and sea lions, as well (there is so much sea life to view). Don't forget the ear plugs if you stay on our boat at the Makah Marina, for the sea lions are very noisy. Take your camera or maybe take a selfie with the jagged rocky cliffs and breathtaking wilderness of the Cape Flattery surroundings. You will not get tired of looking around at God's wonderful creation.
Halibut season is next in line for the Neah Bay anglers; starting in May of each year, fishermen are allowed four halibut per punch card. This is a hot and heavy fishing season in Neah Bay; hang on, for halibut can get BIG. Halibut are anywhere from 20 to 288-pounds of white meat. These fish are like reeling up a 4x8 piece of plywood from the bottom of the ocean. In Area 4, your chance of catching a halibut is at a stunning 98 percentile on our charter boats.
INFORMAION FOR YOU: To avoid this busy fishery, purchase a Canadian fishing license. At our port, yo can land a Canadian halibut year-round.
In June through September of each year, salmon season will open, and you can catch the lingcod and seabass limits as well. People love this season for a chance to land that trophy king salmon. I believe that Neah Bay holds a record of a 52-pound king salmon caught at Swiftsure. Keep in mind that the sealmon that go to the rivers south of here, like the Columbia, pass by the Neah Bay area.
Ling Daddy is our charter boat, captain Michael Lawrence NOW booking for salmon trips as well.
Please call us at 1-866-787-1900 for more information...Starting January 1, 2020 we will start taking phone calls to help you plan your trip.
March 18, 2019
Ling Cod fishing is going can be (weather).
On the weekends we have anglers coming for two days or so.
Ling Daddy Charter posted a great video of a ling cod trip ( Click on link above to visit our facebook page.
We have availability for ling cod trips on the Ling Daddy charter boat call us 1-866-787-1900.
The doors are open daily (bankers hours) 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, at a later date we will open 6 am to 6 pm. And of course the 4:30 am to 10:00 pm BUSY TIME hours.
The NEW ling cod season is open (Ocean Fishery). 
The regular ling cod season will be April 16, 2019.
A lot of changes have been made to the building here, we hope you like the renovations.
Joe Ward, Boo Lawrence and Dawn Lawrence are holding down the fort, and looking forward to seeing you all again...soon.
February 25, 2019
We still have openings for a Halibut Charter Boat trip..(A Few).
Please call us at 1-866-787-1900 to book a trip.
Also our LING COD season is looking promising, a lot of Boat Moorage reservations are being made! The weather is going to be a factor, although we think the season should be a good one. 
If you want, book a charter boat trip to learn where to fish for the Deep sea ling cod.
As of today, we have the first few days booked (March... Ling Cod Charter Boat Trips). So get your calendar out and make plans, we don't want you to miss out.
Here are our seasons:
March 9 through September 30 - ling cod
(deep sea ling will be open through the end of the Halibut days) 
This is a BONUS for our area. I would suggest, you take advantage of this fishery.
Sea bass/Rockfish Open year a round 
A great season for THE KIDS OR FAMILY TO HAVE fun...catching a good eating fish (fish -n- chips).
Halibut season: 
May 2,4,9,11,18,24 and 26
June 6,8,20 and 22
Keep in mind that this is the ONLY time we run out of Boat Moorage space. It is a very popular fishery.
We start taking reservations January 1st of each year. Once we fill up our slips; we will switch to a first-come, first-serve.
This is an exhilarating time, so many fish are landed (YES LANDED). We tell people that it is a 98% catch RATE, that is why it is so thrilling.
Most people like to use the tackle that we have here in our Big Salmon Fishing Resort building, beings we purchase that GOOD STUFF (gear that works out here)!
Salmon Season:
Usually we don't get the dates, set by the W.D.F.W. until a round April of each year.
Previously the salmon season opens in Mid-June of each year.
Our King salmon season is an electrifying and awesome time on the waters of Neah Bay, WA. The chance of catching a trophy (60 pounder or better), is very exciting.
Most anglers love to use bait, other use the downrigger and hookup to a flasher and coyote spoon. 
Silver salmon are abundant out here from the get go. Our return customer say, drop it fast! To get past the schools of silvers.
Well I think that is it...Joey Lawrence, Michael Lawrence and Joe Ward will be in the building to help you if you come across any questions. 
Bye....For now!
January 31, 2019
Fishing Resort...Not one yet.
Although we are looking forward to a great season.
Ling Cod will be opening March 9, 2019!
This news was BIG for us, here in Neah Bay.
A great chance to get that white meat stocked up for the winter.
If the weather breaks for a few days, I would get up here and get some meat rolling.
Bass are bigger and the Lings are bigger in close range (Father and Son, Green Bank and the Bass Hole).
The Ling Daddy charter boat will be getting locked and loaded for the March opener, so if you know someone who would be interested in booking a Ling Cod and rockfish trip it's $175.00 per person, 1-866-787-1900.
We hope to see you come March 9, 2019. 
January 10, 2019
New office hours: Monday through Friday ~ 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Jan. Through Feb.)
We just paid for the Sportsmen Show in Puyallup. We are relocated, our booth number is #1106.
Come check us out.
And as for the Portland, OR. show. We will post our booth number, as soon at we are assigned a booth (For that Portland show).
Looks like we are going to open for business in March! The new opener for Lingcod is going to open in March, rather than April. We will keep you posted...Come back here or on Facebook (for updates).
~Fish - On!~
January 3, 2019
Thank God the halibut fishery isn't open in January!
It is BLOWING/STORMY outside.
So today Joey Lawrence and I (Dawn) are here in the office.
At this time we're about 3/4 complete with boat moorage reservations (HALIBUT SEASON - May, 2019).
So with that being said, If I was you, I would call.... soon (1-866-787-1900) to reserve your boat moorage slip. 
The month of May is always busy.
Because of your halibut season.
IF you haven't been out to Neah Bay, WA for a fishing trip, May is the ONLY month we run out of space on the Marina.
The Ling Daddy Charter boat has several days available for the Halibut Season. 
That is a sweet way to not worry about a Boat Moorage slip. 
Also as for the Sportsmen Show in Puyallup, WA they gave us a new spot, Again.
So look for us in the HUNTING AREA. We will post later once we are assigned a booth.
~Fish On!~
January 1, 2019
Here we go!
The 2019 season is off to a great start!
Dates for the 2019 Halibut Season:
May 2, 4, 9, 11, 18, 24 and 26th of 2019.
June 6, 8, 20 and 22nd of 2019.
Call us to make a boat moorage reservation or a charter boat trip at 1-866-787-1900
~Fish On!~
June 19, 2018
Halibut June 21 and June 23 2018
Salmon opens June 23, 2018
We had a good start to our season, let us keep it going.
June 23,2018 you can keep; halibut, salmon, 2 kings and 6 rockfish.
Give us a call for boat moorage 1-866-787-1900
March 2, 2018
Michael Lawrence will be in the office 10:00 am to 2:00 pm taking phone calls through March.
On April 1, 2018 we will open our doors for business.
We are looking forward to a great fishing season. 
See you all SOON!
February 8th, 2018
January 1st of each year... we start our year off with a BANG!
Why? You might be asking yourself.
Here is the answer, Big Salmon Fishing Resort starts taking phone calls for the WELL KNOWN halibut season.
This year it took only 4 days to fill up our slips  (although we will have 50 and 70 foot slips given to us for the halibut days. We don't know which ones or how many of those slips we will have to rent, until May 9 or 10 ). With that being said, means you still have a chance to have a boat moorage slip (as a "WALK-IN").
No waiting list, so please don't ask (that is why it's called a "WALK-IN").
Enough of that!
We are looking forward to a great year of fishing!
So many "BEST OF THE BEST" anglers are all ready calling 1-866-787-1900 and have made their planned fishing trip.
The weather has been hard on us out here in the Northwest (power outage, trees down, and broken roads). Although we are still here, and getting ready for you and your families.
My son Michael "Boo" Lawrence has taken over on a lot of the hard work (here at Big Salmon Fishing Resort). 
Joey and I (Dawn) will be in and out from time to time; but Michael "Boo" Lawrence will do well.
Joey Ward is still on Board.
And some remodeling will be done, adding some great food to the menu at "HighLiner Grill" I'm sure you will be very happy.
Oh and "IF" you don't land one (for some reason), you will be able to purchase take home fish! 
If you don't want your family or friends to be bored, tell them to go on a Tatoosh Island Sightseeing Tour.
NEW, NEW, and More NEW...
Fish - ON!
January 9th , 2018
Sea Bass is open: Year a round
Ling Cod season opens: April 16th
Halibut season: May 11 & 13
       May 25 & 27
Salmon Season: Usually Late June or Early July